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Hello there! My name is Connor Moreside. I am a full stack developer currently based out of Edmonton, Canada. Over the past couple of years, I have primarily been working with the .NET / C# stack, developing enterprise applications for various large companies.

I am also a strong proponent of civic technology, and more specifically civic tech which utilizes open data. The vast majority of my open source applications are built around open datasets provided by government organizations. I volunteer for a group called Beta City YEG, which is a local civic tech group devoted to "connecting public employees, citizens, and members of Edmonton's tech / data community in order to address the city and region's pressing issues." Here is my latest contribution to the group.

When I am coding for fun, I enjoy working in a variety of languages. I am presently using Python, Haskell, and Node.js in my miscellaneous side projects. Out of those 3 languages listed, Haskell is my favourite! I typically find that if my Haskell code compiles, there is a high probability that it functions as intended ;)

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